Monday, February 3, 2014

The Exhibit Opens!!!

By Margaret

I  can not even begin to count how many events I have helped put on throughout my time here at Regis. I always forget how much planning is needed in order to make an event successful. I have watched the students from the Museum Studies Practicum for over a semester now plan the exhibit that opens today at the Carney Art Gallery here at Regis College. I just walked down to the Fine Arts Center to see the finished product and I was blown away at the professionalism taken by the students while putting this show together. I have been keeping up on the blog posts the students from the class have been putting up and it was wonderful to finally see it all put together. I don’t want to give away any surprises, but I left the exhibit with a much deeper understanding of the history of this college and the legacy left by the Sisters of Saint Joseph. 

I have been at Regis College for over five years now and this exhibit opened up Regis’ past to me in a way I have never seen before. My favorite part of the exhibit was a poem written by Sister Lucilla Dineen, a past Academic Dean of the college. It not only represents the exhibit in its prose, but serves as a reminder that as the college continually changes over time it is important to recognize and celebrate our past. I think the students, under the guidance of Dr. Kathryn Edney, have done a fantastic job showing the community how proud we should all be to call Regis a part of our own personal history.