Friday, October 23, 2015

Museum Studies Practicum Course - Some Updates on our Progress

        The Museum Studies Practicum class has been busy preparing for the upcoming exhibit about Papua New Guinea, but our class is still in the beginning stages. The exhibition that we are planning involves masks and spirit boards from Papua New Guinea that were donated by Vera Laska and her husband, Adam James Laska. Vera Laska used to be a professor of History here at Regis. The class has been working hard on our labels. Besides the labels, the class also  just finished working on a grant that would fund an educational program around the exhibit in the spring semester, and now we are just waiting to see if it has been approved or not.  
We also just recently went to visit the Children’s Center here at Regis. The class helped the children build their masks with a lot of glitter glue and feathers. It was fun at the Children’s Center to see how each child made his or her mask. There were some children who went crazy and put every kind of material on the mask...and then there were some children who were very, very careful with the mask. Whatever the method, the children knew exactly what material they wanted and where they wanted to put it!
People can see the children’s masks and also build their own masks at the Meaning of Masks event this Monday on October 26 from 4:00-6:00pm in the Library. Besides seeing the children’s masks, people can see poster boards that our class is working hard on, while the Humanities Department, and others from the Regis community will also be contributing to the event. We hope you will join us!
-Heather Ruano, Museum Studies Practicum