Thursday, January 29, 2015

Goya Night

On November 21st Dr. Ortiz brought along some of her favorite Regis colleagues and students (not to mention her Hispanic Culture class) to the MFA to see the critically received "Goya: Order and Disorder" exhibit, which is the largest collection of the artist's works in North America in the past twenty five years. Dr. Ortiz was lucky enough to have seen both that original exhibit and this one. While the earlier exhibit focused on Goya's more naturalist portraits, this exhibit featured both his realist works as well as his more experimental, Romanticist paintings and sketches. 

Kerry and the two Sarahs outside of the MFA before the exhibit 

Group photo of everyone that attended the Goya exhibit

Me (above) giving a brief introduction to Goya before Dr. Ortiz's wonderful students present (below). As part of the work for their class, students attended the Goya exhibit, decorated, cooked, and presented at our "Goya Night" the week after Thanksgiving. Students focused on Goya's different styles, as well as how changes in his life influenced those styles. 

 The delicious cake one student made

 Some of the other delicious food Dr. Ortiz's students 
put together, including the best homemade
 flan this department has ever eaten 


Monday, January 26, 2015

NEMA Conference

It's been a while since our last post, but now that school has once again started it's back at it! The first in a series of posts where I try to catch up on all the events we had at the end of last semester is going to be focused on our department's recent trip to NEMA, the New England Museum Association. Professor Kathryn Edney, Karen Dropps, one of our 2014 graduates, myself, and our director, Dr. Raffaele Florio, attended the event. 

Karen had this to say about the conference: 

  • Back in November, I attended the NEMA annual conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts with several other members of the Heritage Studies department.  The conference was a three day gathering of over 1300 members of the museum field in New England.  I attended sessions on many subjects including, interactive exhibits, integrating core curriculum into exhibits, and graduate schools.  Overall it was a great few days in which I know I learned many new things and made some great new connections.  At our table, many interested participants were eager to learn more about our program at Regis College, and hopefully they may be members of the department in the future. 

The view of our conference bright and (super) early