Thursday, July 26, 2012

by Nick

Greetings! My name is Nick Lee, and I am an Intern at the Public Heritage Institute. I became involved with this organization because Regis College has a policy whereby each graduating senior must have an internship to graduate, and that is how I came to become affiliated with the PHI. What struck me most about working with PHI is the focus on heritage and heritage being a proponent of the self. I enjoy reading about history and other cultures and so this was very interesting to me. The PHI also has different events, for example in the spring we had a colloquium with students from the UMASS anthropology program, whereby each graduate student, discussed his or her research. We also have sponsored events, such as a history fair, where students create a project about a topic that interests them. I look forward to posting in the future. Please feel free to come and check out our blog! If you have any insightful comments please feel free to comment as well!

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