Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Carney Gallery: Museum Exhibition and Design - "Following our Path: Regis College through its Art Collection"

JP Harwick, Undergraduate Student

Installing an exhibit requires the work of all those who are part of creating the exhibit as well as those who researched material from the archives.  When we are planning for our exhibit, we have to make sure everything will fit within the gallery and fit the overall theme of the exhibit. During our last class, we laid out our sample pieces of art (replicas on paper) from Regis’s collections for the exhibit. We are still deciding on what items go where and making sure the items are appropriate for the exhibit. We laid our pieces of paper out across tables as we tried to mimic what the final display in the Carney gallery will look like.
 The planning is rather complicated as sometimes when we think everything is set to go, we find a flaw of some sort and reconfigure the design to make the art display more interesting and educational. One of the challenges is how to best show the collection of paintings done by one of the Sisters of St Joseph who lived for many years here at Regis as well as how to best exhibit other Regis memorabilia.  As a team we work together to choose the items to exhibit making sure the choices connect to the mission of Regis College as well as the Sisters of St. Joseph.

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