Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Home Stretch: "Following our Path: Regis College through its Art Collection"

By: Kerry Pintabona

We are now in the homestretch of the planning phase of our exhibit. I remember how skeptical I was in the beginning that we would be able to pull together a polished and well done exhibit. As our list of pieces is being finalized and our labels are in the final drafting process, I am excited at the work that we have done and so proud of all that has been accomplished thus far.

Now, we are mostly working towards getting the exhibit to flow the way we would like and to finalize where each piece will be located in the exhibit. This has been a tricky process. In my mind when we are thinking of where each piece will go, I think about the pieces in a line. The challenge has been to think about where the pieces will be, not in a straight line, but in context with the exhibit space. In this case, the exhibit space is in the Carney Gallery.

The wonderful and most difficult aspect of the Carney Gallery is that it is a more unconventional space. There are walls that appear shorter than others, walls that run in a diagonal, and four very large glass doors. Aspects such as these make the process of visualizing how each and every piece will work within the space and also in conjunction with other items all the more important. In the end though, the hard work at planning will pay off hopefully with a more visually dynamic and interesting exhibit.

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