Thursday, March 19, 2015

Le Laboratoire Cambridge

Amy Damon, one of our graduates from last year, defended her master's thesis in the fall on deaccessioning in museums. Since then she's taken on a new job at Le Laboratoire Cambridge, a brand new gallery in the heart of Cambridge. The museum describes itself as

"a unique art and design center that invites visitors to explore the experiments and wonders of innovators of all kinds discovering at frontiers of science - from leading artists and designers to chefs and master perfumers. Founded in 2007 in Paris by renowned inventor, writer, and Harvard Professor David Edwards, Le Laboratoire now opens in Cambridge as the new center of ArtScience Labs, a global organization dedicated to the development of the most radical ideas that transform the way we learn, imagine and evolve. The design, and architecture, of Le Laboratoire Cambridge, is the work of French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and the American architects Zeke Brown and Josh Fenollosa."

The exhibit which ended earlier this week, "Vocal Vibrations," was recently featured on PBS. If you tune into the second part of the video you'll see Amy exhibiting one of the pieces for the gallery.


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