Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fabulous First: Regis College's First Pop-Up Museum

On Wednesday, April 16 Regis College held its first Pop-Up Museum. Don't know what a pop-up museum is? Think of it like a flash mob, except with museum displays centered around a specific theme instead of people dancing. Way back last semester, Dr. Edney won a co-curricular grant for what is emerging as the newest trend in the museum world. When the 16th rolled around, at 11 am Dr. Edney and her cohorts stormed the College Hall second floor foyer, putting up displays, photos, and poems. The theme of the exhibit, "What's in a Name," encouraged people to display the different ways names mean something to them. We had a clever riddle from Chris Coffin, a family history and explanation of Greek names by Stephanie Venancio, projects done by our friends at the Children's Center, a project created by the students in Dr. Ortiz's Latin@ Writers class, and much more. For people walking by unaware of what was going on, there was a crafts table where they could create their own piece on the spot. By 1 pm it was all disassembled and removed, and Regis's first pop-up museum was over. Check out some of the pictures below

Here (left, right, below) we have some of the art created by our friends at the Children's Center. We of course hope this isn't their last time having their work displayed in a museum

 Above, you can see students from Dr. Ortiz's class displaying the project they made 

To the left, you can see Dr. Malikowski, Prof. Fontes, and some others trying their hand at the crafts table 

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