Monday, November 2, 2015

Meanings of Masks – Event Follow-up

On Monday, October 26, our Museum Studies Practicum class hosted our event called the Meaning of Masks that ran from 4:00-6:00pm in the Library. Each student in our class had brought posters that spoke about topics that related to the meaning of masks. The Humanities Department also joined us in contributing to this event in bringing their own posters. Dr. Ortiz and her class made an altar representing the Mexican festival called Day of the Dead or Dia de los muertos. The posters ranged from different topics such as comparing the use of masks today with the use of masks in Papua New Guinea, relating masks with Halloween and its history behind wearing costumes that day, comparing Papua New Guinea masks to ancient past masks, and unmasking the myths of AIDS. We also had a snack station with plenty of candy and a mask making station where anyone was free to make their own masks. 
Many visitors dropped by to our event such as professors, students, and even the Director of Undergraduate Admissions. Everyone enjoyed themselves where they learned about the various topics based on this subject of masks and its different meanings. Later in the event, we also had the pleasure to have some of the children from the Children’s Center come by and decorate their own masks. Not only did the children enjoy decorating their own masks but many students and adults also joined them in decorating their own. The event was a success and there was a lot of excellent feedback. Meanwhile, this week we will continue in building up the exhibit and we will now be focusing on the brochures and the layout of the exhibit. 

 -Susana Ortega, Museum Studies Practicum

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