Friday, October 14, 2016

Exhibit Planning - The Work Continues -

Hopefully, if you have read Lee's blog post, you know that we are working with Nancy Schön who is perhaps most famous for her work Make Way for Ducklings. The exhibit we are working on is very different from anything else Nancy has done before because we are going to use pieces that have never been seen before by the general public.

This week we are working on gathering information on the different pieces that we intend to use in our exhibit.  We have divided the 35 pieces that we plan on using into groups so that we can start working on individual labels. During our last visit with Nancy (with her permission) we recorded the stories she told about various pieces; we are now digging through that audio to figure out what we will be using from her stories, and what else we need to know. Nancy is a great storyteller, but it is a good thing we were able to record our second visit!

We have been to visit Nancy twice now. The first time we visited she showed us around her house and pointed out all the pieces we could use.  After this visit we discussed which pieces we wanted for the show and then we went back for our second visit. Go back the second time we had a much clearer idea of what we wanted to ask.  It was really cool having her show us pieces that she made when she was younger than us and how accomplished those pieces are. The one problem we are encountering is that of human memory; Nancy has created so many pieces that sometimes she cannot be precise about the particular year in which she created a work, especially for those pieces she has not exhibited. Our labels will need to reflect that in some way.

We are planning a get together sometime in early November for the Regis community to introduce you to the exhibit and get the public interested in both the theme of our exhibit which is metamorphosis but also to let people know about the artist. At the event there will be activities for both children and later in the day adults/students. Please pay attention for more information on the event.  Also please spread the word about both the in November event and the exhibit which opens in the spring semester. 

-Amanda-Elyse Cutter

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