Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Finding the Story - "Following our Path: Regis College through its Art Collection”

Audrey McCullough, Graduate Student

Our task this week was to decide how our exhibit would be laid out in the Carney Gallery. The Carney Gallery, which is located in the Fine Arts Center of Regis College, is a bit daunting when you first look inside. The white walls are already adorned with objects of another exhibit (entitled "Upon Further Consideration..."), which makes it a little difficult to create an image of our own exhibit that will be there in a few short months. The exhibit there is eye catching, and that is something that ours will also hopefully be, and more.

The story behind our exhibit is important to hammer down in the beginning so we have a direction while choosing the art and artifacts to go in it. The story we are telling will be the “Path of Regis”, a look into Regis’ history over the better part of the last century. Choosing the order the art and artifacts will go in was the task at hand in our class session this week. Originally, I, and probably other students in the class, thought the exhibit should go in chronological order; it would begin with the opening of the school and continue with art and artifacts from the next few years. The class ultimately agreed to follow a timeline of the school year. The exhibit will begin with art and artifacts related to the fall, then the winter and the spring around the room. The viewer will be able to follow Regis through its timeless traditions in the order that they happen every year, beginning with the first day of school and ending with Commencement. As we continue to select objects and think through how to arrange them according to our story, more details will be revealed on this blog.

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