Friday, September 27, 2013

Greeting from the Regis College Way Archeology site!

Karen Dropps here - I wanted to give you all an update on our progress!
For the last four weeks we have spent a couple hours in the dirt looking for some hints of what may have been there before.  So far, we have come up with a lot of coal, charcoal, and in a big part of this area, rocks! In honor of our wonderful friend the rock, I have composed a little ode to them.
My dearest friend
You cludder up my site
Make a mess of my life
Big and small, dark and light
Might it be important?
Most likely not
It must be another stupid rock!

We have been successful in finding glass and a nail, that with further inspection we hope to date soon.
A little background on the project.  This is a project that came out of Audrey’s and my project last spring, where we developed, with the help of our director, the beginnings of an archeology program.  We spent many months researching, surveying, and going over the logistics of the project.  In the end we decided on the area our current dig.  As we started digging, it was a special moment for us, as we saw many months of hard work being put to use.
So what do we hope to find? We have been told that Wellesley Street may have come through our site at some point in the past, and there may have been a house there in the 1970s.  We continue on and hope that this project will only be the beginning of a larger and greater program for years to come.

Check back for new updates! Also keep an eye out for our upcoming public dig day, where you are invited to come on down and see the site, dig a bit, and be apart of our fieldwork!

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